Based in Philadelphia, PA, language connectED is an educational consulting firm that designs workshops to help professionals actively engage in authentic learning, challenging them to assess and navigate communicative situations they regularly experience in the workplace.  Role-plays, group exercises, improvisation, and simulations that explore cross cultural communication issues and strategies are facilitated to allow learners to reflect and practice through hands-on experiences. In order to foster positive behavioral outcomes,  all workshops involve self-reflection and goal setting relevant to individual workplaces or networking environments. As a group of highly trained educators, we also develop teacher training materials for teachers of applied linguistics and for scholars in academia, honing in on the best practices and current pedagogy found to be most successful in the classroom.

In general it was one of the most helpful courses that I have attended so far. It provided us with useful and practical tips and advice on improving our speech, skills on organizing presentations more effectively and describing our data.


  • Cross Cultural Communication/Cultural Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Pronunciation/Accent Reduction
  • Communicating through Technology (Email, Skype, Conference Calls)
  • Information Interview
  • Pragmatics- the intersection of language and culture
  • English for Academic Purposes and Specific Purposes (Business, Medical Settings, Tourism and Hospitality, etc.)
  • Program Development and Management
  • Curriculum Design and Materials Development
  • Training Facilitation
  • Networking- Elevator Pitch, Small Talk, and Building Rapport
  • Telling your Science Story- Framing the Message