Bridging Gaps: Examining Communication Needs and Programming for International Postdocs

For the past five years, language connectED has been running communication workshops for postdoctoral researchers at various universities around the world. In our work, we found that non-native English speakers (NNES) typically had different needs when communicating their science and research than that of native English speakers (NES). So, this year, we conducted our first national survey of international postdoctoral researchers to ask them about their English language needs and available programming at their institutions.

We strongly believe that the best advocates for these important scientists are the scientists themselves. Our work strives to provide them with the frameworks they need to tell their science story to broad audiences and communicate it with confidence. And so, we conducted this survey to see how NNES perceived their language skills and what kind of training workshops would be helpful for them. 

Our work was accepted as a poster presentation at the 2018 National Postdoctoral Association in Cleveland, OH and as a presentation on how to tell your science story. See what we've been up to by reading our data analysis report, taking a look at our poster, or checking out our slides on telling your science story